CNN’s breaking news headline on Obama-Boehner phone call is priceless satire

CNN is a curious media outlet. About the only good product the company puts out there is Anderson Cooper. But, the CNN website, except in rare cases, is often astonishing in its mediocrity and about average in its exploitation of spectacle. Other times, the CNN website blows small events all out of proportion in almost Onion-esque fashion, as they did today in a Breaking News banner (above).

It read, “Breaking News: President Obama and Speaker Boehner talked by phone, the speaker’s spokesman says, and ‘agreed that we should all keep talking.'”

They achieved something close to Monty Python satire in that sentence. Sublime, even. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it. No need to deconstruct the surrealism of that Breaking News headline. It is self-event. So, let us all enjoy for a moment the supreme idiocy of our times, perfectly encapsulated by Obama, Boehner, the US government at large, and CNN.

Good weekend!