Burger King Japan will probably kill customers with the ‘Black Ninja’ burger

Because their regular menu wasn’t deadly enough, Burger King Japan is increasing the fat-assery quotient at several of its locations on October 25 with the “Black Ninja” burger (above). For 680 yen (roughly $7), you can shove a pile of fresh onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, hash browns, a Whopper beef patty and a giant bacon-tongue–sandwiched in between two super-black buns–into your foodhole.

Indulge, gluttons! Indulge! Ad below:


No further explanation is given as to why a ninja would stick out his/her tongue, but the black bun is nothing new in fast food freak shows. In 2012, a restaurant chain in France marketed a Darth Vader burger to piggyback the theatrical 3-D release of “Star Wars: Episode I.”

sources: JDP and Foodbeast