Adding sad music to microwave cooking shows is hilariously depressing

Amateur microwave cooking tutorials are some of the saddest videos on YouTube. There’s just something especially desperate about people demonstrating in detail, with excruciating low production value, how to do something that essentially takes no time or skill, with such proudly inedible results.

On Sunday night, a video from the cooking show “Weber Cooks” featuring sad music started to go viral on Tumblr, via user Spookyandthethief, and it’s hilariously depressing. This inspired us to create a few of our own.

Steven Reed cooking chili & cheese nacho dip (original):

Music: Stars of the Lid – “Another Ballad For Heavy Lids”

The original “Weber Cooks” videos are from a microwave cooking show on a student-run TV station in Weber State Univeristy in Ogden, Utah. In them, Steven Reed—a tired man with apparently nothing left to live for (and who, according to this, is a registered sex offender)—cooks disgusting canned food using only a microwave.

Steve Reed cooking creamed corn and potatoes (original):

Music: Erik Satie – “Gymnopedies No. 1″

It turns out you can add sad music to just about any other microwave cooking video, and the results are beautiful and heartbreaking. As you watch them, you might start crying at your desk, and wonder what the point of anything is, in this cruel and lonely world of ours.

Cooking eggs with sausage and cheese in a coffee mug (original):

Music: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis “Destined For Great Things” (“The Assassination Of Jesse James OST”)

Cooking hamburgers (original):

Music: Philip Glass – “Kyoko’s House”

Cooking tilapia (original):

Music: Eluvium – “Under The Water It Glowed”