Guided By Voices drummer auctions his kit for $55,000

What would you pay to own the drumkit Kevin Fennell used to record such classic and bulletproof Guided By Voices albums as “Bee Thousand” and “Alien Lanes”? Frankly, the answer doesn’t matter cause you’re not getting them for any less than 55,000 dollars, according to this eBay auction. Given the amount of joy the GBV catalog has given music fans, many of us would gladly pay double the price, if we had the means. It’s a big “if.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Indeed, the three drum pieces feature custom-made shells of Eames 12-ply birch. The deal includes “extra goodies” such as a German-issued clear vinyl copy of the “best of” compilation, “An Earful o’ Wax,” a 2010 Hallway of Shatterproof Glass Tour poster, a 2010 Philadelphia tour-stop poster from the Trocadero, and a 2011 World Domination Tour laminate.

Oh, and the eBay auction includes free shipping. Damn right, shipping better be free. The lucky winner of this auction has to tell his kids that they aren’t going to college so that mommy or daddy can drum along to “Echos Myron” on the actual drums with which the song was recorded.

Even better, Kevin Fennell will personally deliver the drums, set them up and maybe even stick around to jam if the winner doesn’t give off an Ed Gein vibe. Damn right Kevin Fennell is going to personally deliver the drums. They cost more than the down payment on some houses.

Oh yeah, the residual beer that Bob Pollard has undoubtedly spilled on these drums throughout the years? It doesn’t say so in the ad, but I assume that’s free too.

Unfortunately, no one has bid yet, but the auction has about 5 and a half days left. It’s unlikely that the typical 90s indie rock fan has access to the kind of fuck-you money of say, an upper strata Clapton fan, but I guess we’ll find out in 5 days or so whether that’s the case.

Image: Spin