5 Pointz gets a stay of execution, asks for help from Banksy

A judge recently put a 10-day restraining order on the plans to demolish and replace NYC’s 5 Pointz with condos. The decision comes after a group of artists sued G&M Reality to attempt to save the building, arguing that the building’s artwork should be protected under the 1990 Visual Artists Rights Act.

Now, the artists are waiting for the judge to announce a hearing for a preliminary injunction before the October 28 deadline, which would allow them to testify, and hopefully prevent the building’s demolition.

Jonathan “Meres” Cohen, one of the volunteer curators at 5 Pointz, has publicly asked Banksy—who is currently in the middle of a New York residency—to make a comment against the demolition, and hopefully draw attention to the cause. “We’re not asking you to give us money, but your words could help,” said Meres to The Guardian, “Why don’t you put a comment out?”

The owners of the building, Jerry and David Wolkoff, originally had a congenial 20-year working relationship with the curators of 5 Pointz, which soured after an artist was injured when a staircase collapsed, and they were hit with numerous citations. Sometime in 2010 they realized they could make a mint by selling the complex to greedy real estate developers who don’t have souls.

The result will be a $400 million development that will knock down 5 Pointz as well as a nearby bar and art gallery, and build in their place two enormous ~40 story eyesores with no cultural or historical significance, further sanitizing New York for the ultra-wealthy.

Business Insider has a great slideshow tour of the building’s art, if you haven’t yet had a chance to visit—though you should probably make the trip out soon, as it could be gone in just a few days.

Image: Geek Manifesto