Premiere: Lily & Madeleine, ‘Goodbye To Anyone’

Of all the new music to come out in 2013, Lily & Madeleine might be our favorite breakout success story. They’re as young as Lorde, (they were just 15 and 18 when their first songs were discovered) and like Lorde they rose from obscurity overnight on the Internet. But unlike Lorde Lily & Madeleine were discovered on Reddit—a testament to the jaw-dropping nature of their music.

Their songs cut through the headline deluge that is Reddit, where the most sensational content rises to the top, because they stop you in your tracks and suck you into a moody void, a little like the first time you heard Adele’s “Someone Like You,” but not so damn depressing. That deep, aching pathos and unassuming honesty in their lyrics, combined with their age, is what makes Lily & Madeleine a truly remarkable story. They’ve had a tremendous first year, and on October 29 they release their debut self-titled full-length. Today Death and Taxes premieres a new video for the album’s “Goodbye To Anyone.”

“The new album reflects on our experiences as we grow as artists,” Madeleine says—”looking both back to the places we’ve visited growing up for inspiration, and looking forward to our hopes for the future. This project really feels like our own, and we’re so grateful to those who helped us create it.”

Pre-order “Lily & Madeleine” at iTunes and check out “Goodbye To Anyone” below.