Deranged sorority girl will probably get a book deal for her novel, cuz life is fair like that

Sure, it’s upsetting when we hear that book and movie deals are getting handed out to dim-witted creatures like say, Grumpy Cat, while we toil away year after year, a little closer to finishing the next great American novel or canonical film but with little to show for it but a half-finished manuscript and some threadbare pajama pants.

But at least Grumpy Cat has some redeeming cultural value—if you’re the prone-to-jealousy creative type it’ll probably drive you to absolute histrionics to learn that Rebecca Martinson, who penned the now-famous “Deranged Sorority Girl Email,” is currently shopping for a book deal for her novel. Her novel which is completed, unlike yours.

And you know what? She’ll probably get that book deal, too. Because life is fair like that.

Martinson has not replied to Baltimore Sun’s request for the subject matter of her debut novel, nor has she divulged its title. But if her historic email and the content of her Twitter feed are any indication, it will likely be a tour de force assault on the very existence of fucking AWKWARDNESS and fucking BORINGNESS.

And while it might take place within the confines of a sorority it will likely not be a classroom drama because you know what’s fucking BORING? School. As she said in an earlier tweet, “I might as well be Helen Keller because I have NO idea what’s going on in this class right now #plato.”

It’s sure to be a riveting read.

H/t: Ross Neumann
Image: Jezebel