Man walks into hospital with 10-inch knife in skull: ‘I’d like to see a doctor please’

Ho Lung paid a visit to a medical center in the Jilin province of northeast China with a bit of a problem. After admitting to “a silly game” with his friend, a 10-inch fruit knife had been jammed in the back of his head. “I’d like to see a doctor please,” Ho said, after walking up to the nurse’s station.

Medical staff at first did not know what to believe. Considering how calm and collected Ho was at his entrance, and given he walked up five flights of stairs to get to the emergency center, was this man really in need of an operation to remove a 10-inch blade from his noggin, or was this some sort of crap segment on an even crappier TV prank show? As it turns out, shit was real.


Results from an X-ray proved that a blade had indeed managed to lodge itself into Ho’s skull. Lucky for him, the weapon managed to avoid hitting any main blood vessels. It took doctors three hours to remove the knife from his head.

After the procedure, doctors asked the man just what the hell happened. “It’s like this,” he explained, “I was playing a silly game my friend and it went wrong and I ended up with a knife in the head. It was just a silly mistake and it could have happened to anybody.”

Ho is scheduled for a check-up in the coming weeks.

h/t Mirror UK/images: banmuang