Banksy calls to save 5 Pointz on the last day of his New York residency

Banksy ended his New York residency today, posting the above image on his website of a classic tag made up of balloons by the Long Island Expressway.

He also included an “audio guide” explaining his intentions for the residency, as well as the following statement: “And that’s it.¬†Thanks for your patience. It’s been fun. Save 5pointz. Bye”

5 Pointz is currently scheduled to be demolished on November 6, unless its artists are successful in suing the developers and/or getting another restraining order. They recently called for Banksy to make a statement, hoping the publicity generated by his NY Residency could help their cause. And now he finally has.

In the ironic audio guide for the work, Banksy explains via what we assume to be a representative as a cheesy version of “New York, New York” plays in the background:

“If just one child has been inspired to pick up a can of paint and make some art, well that would be statistically disappointing considering how much work I put in. Outside is where art should live, among us, and rather than street art being a fad, maybe it’s the last 1,000 years of art history are a blip, when art came inside in service of the church and institutions.”

“But art’s rightful place is on the cave-walls of our communities, where it can act as a ‘public service’: provoke debate, voice concerns, forge identities.”

“The world we live in today is run by, visually at least, traffic signs, billboards, and planning committees. Is that it? Don’t we want to live in a world made of art, not just decorated by it?”

Bloomberg and his greasy cadre of destructive, idiotic developers strongly disagree, but they’re on the way out, and public sentiment seems to be in favor of saving 5 Pointz. Hopefully the extra publicity from Banksy can help the cause to save it.

Image: Banksy NY