Miley Cyrus joined the Illuminati, is having sex with demons, says ‘citizen journalist’ Rick Wiles

Rick Wiles, a dude who has some kind of internet radio show called “End Times” (sounds legit!) has made a startling discovery. Pop starlet Miley Cyrus has been baptized into the Illuminati, has made some kind of a deal with the devil and is now openly promoting “Satanism.”

She has been recruited for this by the entertainment industry, which is of course in cahoots with the “Synogogue of Satan,” which has recruited her as their poster child so that they may lead more children to Satanism. He came to this conclusion after seeing the above picture of Cyrus in which she, as he puts it “demonstrates how to have sex with a Satanic figure.”

It’s true. Sex with Satanic figures is not like regular ol’ p in v sexxxing. It is a complex process which involves sticking one’s tongue out and resting the head on the arm of said Satanic figure. OBVIOUSLY. Skeletal rib licking is an integral part of all demon sex. I should know.

Wiles’s buddy,¬†Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries, also points out that coming out of a teddy bear at the VMAs was an obvious imitation of the Hindu goddess Kali. Which, I think, was pretty clear to anyone who watched that. I mean, really! Who can look at a woman exiting a a giant teddy bear without thinking “Well gosh darnit! If that doesn’t remind you just exactly of the Hindu goddess of destruction! It’s a near perfect simile! Good ol’ Kali! Always popping out of giant teddy bears!”

Here the troof for yourself below, courtesy of RightWingWatch: