Woman runs over boyfriend three times because they didn’t stop at McDonald’s

Word to the wise: If you’re going to date Crystal Greer Brooks, take her to Mickey D’s whenever the hell she wants! Case in point: Last week, the 33-year-old Kingsport, Tennessee resident hit her current live-in bf with her car three times after he refused to take her for a fast food pit stop.

41-year-old Santiago Hernandez was in the car with Brooks and another passenger on Thursday morning but, according to a Kingsport Police Department report, “they didn’t stop at McDonald’s”–reason enough for Brooks to throw a tantrum. After a freakout which required Hernandez to pull over the car, Brooks took the wheel and plowed over him when he was standing in front of the car. (Hernandez is also father to her child.) Brooks then “pulled forward and struck him 2 more times with the truck,” according to police.

Arrest report via The Smoking Gun:


Hernandez had sustained bruises on his arm and back. His “clothing appeared torn, consistent with being dragged on the pavement.” Brooks, meanwhile, denied hitting Hernandez. Her story is that the baby daddy jumped on the truck’s hood. Brooks was charged with aggravated assault and is currently detained at the Sullivan County Jail. Now she has to wait that much longer for her McNuggets.

source: Knox News/h/t TSG and Arbroath