Vienna sausage stand holder fights armed robber with sausage tongs

In Vienna, Austria, a 52-year-old street meat slinger batted a gun out of an assailant’s hands with his sausage tongs, reported the Vienna Times last week. His attacker fled the scene in cowardice.

The sausage stand worker owes the thwarted robbery entirely to his trusty pair of tongs, but how he was able to best the situation is not entirely clear. According to police, the robber approached the stand around 3 a.m. to order a cheese-filled sausage hot dog. While the vendor prepared the intestinal meat bomb, the suspect wrapped a scarf around his own head and threatened the cook with a silver gun. “Hold up,” were the words he used to indicate a robbery was in process. Original.

In a matter of seconds, the vendor’s tongs snapped at the pistol and sent the assailant running on an empty stomach. No arrest report has been made.

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