Entire police station gets contact high after confiscating marijuana stash

A radio station reported that pretty much the entire police force in a mid-size Swedish city contracted the sticky icky illness after receiving a contact high from recently confiscated marijuana.

The station in Uppsala, Sweden, reports Sveriges Radio, has a poor ventilation system and few windows. So, within hours of the arrival of a large stash of weed, officers began to feel queasy and uneasy, unable to concentrate on their police work.

Administrators have filled rooms with air purifiers, which were a total waste of time. The stench of marijuana continues to waft through the halls. Those poor sumbitches.

“There is an issue with an intrusive odour,” Magnus Härnström, head of police, told a local newspaper. “But it’s not a health problem.”

One reporter inquired as to why the marijuana was kept at the station for so long if it caused such a disruption. Härnström did not respond to the question.

source: the Local/image via