Texas Board of Education postpones approving biology textbooks, because evolution

The Texas Board of Education is once again having a hard time approving it’s biology textbooks. A meeting was held late Thursday night to give preliminary approval to science textbooks. However, approval of a major new biology textbook was postponed because some idiots who are mad about evolution and climate change want to have the book checked by “outside experts.”

As we all know, what books Texas chooses are of national importance. Due to the size of the state, the books it chooses end up being marketed everywhere, and many of the board members come in with a dogmatic agenda. Every year, they keep trying to find a way to push evolution out and put creationism in.

Via NBC:

Publishers from around the country submitted proposed textbooks this summer, but committees of Texas volunteer reviewers — some nominated by socially conservative current and former Board of Education members — raised objections. One argued that creationism based on biblical texts should be taught in science classes, while others objected that climate change wasn’t as settled a scientific matter as some of the proposed books said.

Pearson and many other major publishers weren’t willing to make suggested major edits and changes,

That prompted some of the board’s socially conservative members to call for delaying approval of the book because of concerns including how long it took Earth to cool and objection to lessons about natural selection because “selection operates as a selective but not a creative force.”

What I don’t get is this– Catholics have their own schools. I mean, they believe in evolution, but they have their own schools where they can teach all the religion they like. They don’t bother anyone with trying to get a public school science course to explain how crackers get turned into Jesus’ body or anything. Why? Because they don’t care if non-Catholics believe in Catholic dogma. Why can’t these people just open up their own damn private schools and leave everyone else alone?

Hear me out, Christians: You waste ridiculous amounts of money, effort and time on this Quixotic mission to try and push the Bible into science classes in public school. Why not just put that money and time and effort into establishing your own private schools where you can teach whatever you want? With all the money you spend trying to fight evolution and climate change science, you could probably put together some very nice schools with low tuition costs.

I mean, is this about you getting to hold on to your religious beliefs and making sure your children are raised with them, or is it about seeing this as a chance to evangelize? If it’s the former, there are other ways. If it’s the latter, I’m sorry, but no. You don’t have the right to push your religion on kids that are not your own in a public school, regardless of how deeply-held your beliefs are.