A comedian started a war with Pace Salsa’s Twitter bot, and everything spiraled out of control

Comedian Kyle Kinane tweeted a joke mocking Pace Salsa’s advertising strategies. Strangely, the company’s Twitter account favorited his tweet on Sunday, over ten months after he posted the joke. Clearly the work of a bot that doesn’t understand irony, Kinane started messing with it.

But what started as a standard Twitter war soon spiraled out of control, becoming an elaborate corporate conspiracy, that ultimately brought down the company’s Twitter account:

The bot was relentless:

An hour later, the company finally caught on (this tweet, among many others, has since been deleted by the company):

Pace then began direct messaging Kinane, in a futile attempt at damage control:

Kinane decided to appeal to his childhood crush Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar):

And then he tried to use the increased exposure to score some free salsa:

He then received a package, which was not sent by Pace:

But then things started to get weird:

That’s when Miles and Eric disappeared:

Then Miles posted the following to Pace’s account:

After his coworkers changed the password, he started tweeting from his own account:

But both tweets might not have actually been from Miles, but the company posing as him:

Finally, the company posted the following string of tweets “explaining” the incident, and took their account offline.



UPDATE: The plot thickens: Campbell Soup Co., which owns Pace Salsa, confirmed that Pace never had a Twitter account. Whoa:

Or did they? They are the Keyser Soze of salsa.

UPDATE #2: According to Kinane, the whole thing was an elaborate (and brilliant!) prank, put on by Randy Liedtke. Whoa.

h/t Huffington Post