Rob Ford stole someone’s seat at a Bills game, then sloppily ate wings in it

Rob Ford, the crack smoking, woman-tackling Toronto mayor (who was recently honored with his own porn parody) seemingly can’t do anything without causing some kind of controversy. On Sunday, he went to a Buffalo Bills game, stole someone’s seat, and then sloppily ate chicken wings in it. Ugh.

Musician Matt Mays was just excited to have tickets to the game, until he found that the infamous mayor was sitting in his seat, getting various greasy sauces all over it. Mays didn’t know what to do, so he took to Twitter to complain:

Of course, it’s just an honest mistake that anyone could have made. But there’s just something so appealing about Ford’s bumbling lack of self-awareness. Luckily, Mays eventually got his seat back, and the mayor presumably went on to smoke crack or have sex with something.

h/t NFL