Woman reports man shaking penis ‘in a rotary helicopter motion’

Indianapolis needs some excitement. Their drunk driving reports are hardly as sensational as Florida’s (obviously); Homeland Security doesn’t even take terrorists threats seriously there (or shouldn’t, anyway). The point is, when a man is busted swinging his junk on a sidewalk, thank the dick joke gods for an eyewitness who knows how to report the incident with zeal.

On Tuesday afternoon, 34-year-old Shawn Harvell was arrested and now faces charges related to public indecency, resisting law enforcement and battery. A 29-year-old woman, who remains nameless in the ABC news affiliate’s report, waved down a police unit after being attacked by the practicing pervert on the street.

According to the victim, Harvell approached her on the sidewalk, grabbed her arm from behind and, with dong outed, began “swinging it about in a rotary helicopter motion.”

Yes. It’s totally like that time in “Bruno”:

Except, after the peen-swinging, things took a more serious turn. Harvell threatened the victim by saying he had a gun and that she should come with him. The woman caught the cops attention just in time, as a police pursuit began on foot. When the cops finally caught up with the douche, Harvell explained that he was discussing a “financial dispute” with the lady, who claimed she had never seen the man before in her life.

Harvell was also cited for parking his car too close to a fire hydrant.

source: Turn to 23/image via DeviantArt