At least 6 Americans have been superglued to Walmart and Home Depot toilet seats since 2003

If there is one thing we can learn from this study, it’s that one should never take a dump inside Home Depot or Walmart. Or anywhere else in public for that matter.

December 2013: Home Depot in Banks Crossing, Georgia.
EMT personnel rushed a woman to the hospital after pulling her off a toilet seat. Inside the bathroom, store management found a brown paper bag with a bottle of Loctite GO2 glue. All of the toilet seats had glue on them, three of which were permanently damaged.

June 2013: Walmart in Liberty Township, Ohio.
Firefighters responded to a call that a woman was glued to a toilet seat in Walmart on Friday evening. Reports show that the woman realized she was stuck once her buttocks detected a burning sensation. After several screams, employees alerted authorities who rushed her to the nearby medical center. Store management did not comment on the incident.

June 2012: Walmart in Wayne County, Kentucky.
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A woman was stuck on a toilet in the Monticello, Kentucky, Walmart for more than one hour. An EMS team had to pull her off the seat and rush her to the hospital. Police had no suspects. Walmart made no comment.

April 2011: Walmart in Elkton, Maryland.
Firefighters discovered a 48-year-old man who was stuck on the toilet for an undisclosed amount of time. “At the scene, they had to remove the toilet seat from the toilet,” said a spokesperson for the Elkton Polic Department. “They unbolted the seat and then took him out with it still attached to him.”

August 2007: Home Depot in Florissant, Missouri.
31-year-old Haywood Rosales realized he sat on a toilet seat covered in adhesive only after the fact. He rang his wife, who was also in the store, on his cell phone. One year later, the couple filed a lawsuit against the retailer for negligence. According to court records, Rosales “received cuts, bruises, and tearing on his buttocks and thighs” and “endured the embarrassment, pain, and suffering of the initial injury and its concomitant treatment.”

October 2003: Home Depot in Louisville, Colorado.
57-year-old Bob Dougherty sued Home Depot after he fell victim to a practical joke and store employees would not come to his rescue. “They left me there, going through all that stress,” he said. “They just let me rot.” Dougherty claims that, when he was shouting for help, Home Depot employees laughed at his request. They believed he was just kidding. When he was eventually wheeled out of the store by paramedics, he passed out.

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