Listen to the bizarre bonus track from David Lynch’s newest album

In July, David Lynch — best known for his odd and brilliant films, slightly less known as a club owner, coffee purveyor and transcendental meditation advocate — released his second album, “The Big Dream.” A special edition of the album comes out in a month, which features two new songs and a few remixes.

The remix of Lynch’s “We Roll Together,” by Swedish producer Björn Yttling, is now available online, and you can listen to it below. The track is ambient and New Agey, like it was written for an “X-Files” reboot. It’s not too different from many of the tracks Angelo Badalamenti composed for Lynch’s films. It may or may not be about ecstasy.

It’s worth listening to, if just to hear Lynch make “I went down to the ice cream store” sound uncomfortably sinister.