Homeless artists are selling their art online with the help of a Boston-based website

Boston-area siblings Spencer and Liz Powers have created a website to help the homeless and low-income artists of the area sell their art.  The site is called artlifting.com, and it’s a place where artists can sell their work, funding future endeavors and helping them gain confidence in themselves.

Artists such as Dante Gandini, a 58-year-old self-proclaimed “starving artist,” have sold art on the site, lifting their spirits as well as their income.  Gandini told the Boston Globe, ““The fact that people purchase it, it just validates me.”


Twin Lights” by Dante Gandini


Blue Moon Over Back Bay” by Dante Gandini

Another artist, Allen Chamberland, uses clay, paper cutting, stained glass, and screen printing to make his work.  Though physically disabled and of limited financial resources, his work is as meticulous as it is beautiful.


Bridge” by Allen Chamberland

Other artists are featured on the site as well, including Randy Nicholson.


Central Park” by Randy Nicholson

And Katie Hickey Schultz.


Fairy Woodland” by Katie Hickey Schultz


Freak” by Katie Hickey Schultz

For these pieces and more, check out ArtLifting’s website.