Video: Annoying millennial resists arrest, actually makes cops look good

In Hamilton, Ontario, two police officers recently detained a young woman for reasons we do not know. What is pretty apparent, thanks to her know-it-all friend’s citizen journalism below, is that she resisted arrest in perhaps the most annoying way possible—oh, and that her friend also has no idea what the hell’s going on.

After the woman throws her tantrum, the officers, now dubbed “Honest Cops” by redditors and YouTubers, explain the scenario to smartphone owners who witnessed the arrest. I honestly can’t decide who’d be a worse hang—the squirming, shrilling little girl who’s making the situation worse, or her blowhard friend recording with his cell phone who, in a matter of seven minutes, claims to study law and tries to defend the suspect for being “just a girl” and “weak,” in addition to other douche-chilly sound bites.

For once, cops look pretty legit when caught on video.

h/t Guyism via reddit