A man tried to smuggle a bunch of rooster testicles from Vietnam

The biosecurity team at Wellington International Airport cracked down on a traveler who tried to sneak rooster balls on his flight as if they were bags of baked beans.

The old rooster-testes-disguised-as-baked-beans trick, perhaps one of the oldest in the book, did not fool officials who confiscated the chilled bin of bird sacks at the New Zealand border last month. There were at least two kilograms worth of rooster testicles, according to one security spokesperson, that the man was trying to board onto a flight headed to Wellington International Airport Now, the man, who was detained for a stint, cannot return rooster testicles to his children will have to find other means of sustenance for his family.

The good news, however, is that there was no penalty for his action. “These were intended to be eaten,” tweeted a spokesman for the Ministry for Primary Industries. “As to how one would cook them, we are unsure.”

Back in August, a Vietnamese man attempted to smuggle tropical fish onto his flight at Auckland Airport but was busted when security noticed water dripping from his cargo pants.

source: News AU/photo: NZ Business Day