Grocery busts man shoplifting meat in his pants, puts it back in stock

Last week, a Canadian man tried to one-up Florida man–we’re digging the friendly competition.

In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, a 29-year-old was sentenced jail time for attempting to steal grocery store meat in his pants. Jeffery Arthur Feehan pleaded to several charges on Tuesday and will not serve 94 days in the slammer. (He spent a remainder of his sentence will awaiting trial.) The court heard testimony that placed Feehan in the bathroom of the grocery store, where he stuffed chicken breasts, bacon and steaks in his pants. The meats combined totaled a value of $72.

Staff were able to chase Feehan down and return the meat to the shelves after the arrest. “That sounds strange,” commented one attorney. “They must have been well-wrapped in plastic given that they were down his pants.” Feehan’s defense lawyer concurred that his client has a drug problem. “I realize drugs are not a good way to go about living,” Feehan told the court.

Feehan is now banned from the Superstores chain for one year.

source: Truro Daily News/image via HuffPo