Donald Trump may run for governor of New York

Professional wig mannequin and real estate developer Donald Trump hinted this morning that he may run for governor of New York next year against Governor Cuomo.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” (where else?) the Donald responded to questions about how the Republican leadership needs him so badly in his home state. Politico notes that GOP lawmakers in the state got together to urge him to run earlier this month. But Donald said Monday he’s not ready to commit to a gubernatorial bid, implying that the office was beneath him.

“Let’s see what happens,” said the ever-enigmatic Trump. “I had something else in mind, and this was not actually something that I wanted to do.”

Asked whether that something else was a presidential bid in 2016 Donald wouldn’t say. Which I’m sure he is hoping will create the perfect air of mystery and speculation to launch his 2016 campaign.

Of course, 2012 saw Donald’s presidential campaign crash and burn amid an embarrassing speech in Las Vegas punctuated with f-bombs and openly hostile threats to other countries. It also saw Trump fired from managing his own namesake Trump Place in New York. Donald also threatened the creator of a petition for Macy’s to sever ties with Trump with a $25-million dollar lawsuit earlier in 2013 when the petition reached nearly 700,000 signatures.

In short, Trump is not well-liked.

Compounding matters, Governor Cuomo’s approval rating is only rising, hitting an impressive 65% in late November. And this is for the guy who orchestrated New York’s marriage equality law and who’s been an outspoken champion for Obamacare.

So Donald should probably find something else to do for the next couple years. Like maybe go back to looking for that birth certificate.