Download 15 unheard Four Tet tracks to celebrate his 100,000 Twitter followers

British electronic producer Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet, reached 100,000 Twitter followers the other day. As a reward for his loyal fans, he decided to gift them all 15 unreleased tracks out of the warmness of his heart. Since he used SendSpace, which is horrifically slow and malware-prone, we’ve wrapped ‘em up in an easy to use .zip file for you.

Click here to download all 15 free Four Tet tracks.

The collection features material spanning Hebden’s career, including collabs, remixes, as well as some tracks that just feel like playing around. The ten-plus minute “ETC” is a standout for me, but you ought to judge for yourself.

As if the free music wasn’t enough, Four Tet fans across the Twitterverse tweeted out some album art suggestions for the “release.” A bunch are embedded below so you can pick your fave and use it for your files. Happy listening, and let’s hope some more artists get in the holiday spirit. Stay tuned to Four Tet’s Twitter in case he has anything else left in store. (And PS, if you haven’t heard it already, Four Tet’s latest album “Beautiful Rewind” is incredible, so go get it!)

[h/t: Pretty Much Amazing | Image: Domino]