‘Ebenezer Scrooge Bandit’ robs bank while choir sings in lobby

On Wednesday, an unidentified man held up a bank in Texas while a choir distracted its security and customers.

In downtown Houston, the Federal Bureau of Investigation marked the robbery at the Chase branch in downtown Houston (not pictured above) at around 11:42 a.m., according to CCTV footage (screen shot below), which shows the suspect approaching the teller with a note.
“He got away with an undisclosed amount,” said FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap. Meanwhile, apparently no one in the building was aware of the robbery underway. “It’s not uncommon that others go about their business and don’t realize what has occurred,” she said.

No one was harmed or even physically threatened during the incident. For all we know, the choir was in on it, although the investigation isn’t leading in that direction. The Feds believe the man was acting alone. They put him in his 30s with a medium build and weighing around 170 pounds. They’ve nicknamed the suspect the “Ebenezer Scrooge Bandit,” presumably for his disregard of such lovable holiday regaling in the bank lobby.

In defense of the suspect, however, he did not interrupt the choir’s performance.

The Chase location closed the lobby after the robbery for the rest of the day. The FBI is still looking for leads on the suspect.

source: Houston Chronicle/image via