Judge orders alcoholic potty-mouth to no longer curse in his own home

In Waltham Abbey, Essex, the town drunk has been ordered by a judge to keep off the phone lines and put a pin in it when he’s ready to make any belligerent outbursts–even in his own flat.

Paul Crick, a hard-drinking and phone-happy 45-year-old, has dialed emergency services at least 171 times in the last 16 months, and, while those calls might have been cries for help, they were not deemed an emergency by police and paramedics. Authorities rushed to Crick’s home several times to find no disturbance, just a drunk loudmouth who has probably seen Paul Provenza’s “The Aristocrats.”

According to police reports, Crick (photo below) is responsible for a “significant level of disturbance and distress to his neighbors” from his cursing and yelling. A judge has issued an anti-social behavior order on the man, which requires that Crick refrain from swearing for the next five years. This requires that he restrain himself even inside his residence, where neighbors can overhear his torrents of vulgarity.
The judge, Russell Pearson, reprimanded Crick on December 12. “No shouting, even in your own home if you are heard by all your neighbours,” he said. A spokesperson for the Essex Police added that the order was the only way to prevent further disturbances because “Crick prevents the emergency services from dealing with cases of genuine emergency and appears to use any opportunity to abuse employees of Essex Police and the ambulance service.”

Crick made no objection to the order, which, in addition to paying the costs for emergency services, specifically requires the following of him:

  • Do not call emergency services ever unless you are truly experiencing an immediate crisis.
  • Do not use vulgarity or cause verbal distress to anyone in public or who can be affected by your verbal abuse, even when you reside in a private residence.
  • Do not use curse words toward anyone inside of your private residence.
  • Leave a public place if you’ve been asked by its proprietor.

Crick has to carry out this order until December 16, 2018. He is now attending a support group for alcoholism.

source: SWNS/top image: Shutterstock