Tangerine’s new single ‘Feel This Way’ is a free love anthem

Seattle has always been a hipster epicenter for people who know the city well, but soon the rest of the country is going to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest’s particular brand of cool.

Tangerine, formed by life-long Seattleite sisters Marika and Miro Justad, their high school friend Toby Kuhn, and newly recruited bassist Ryan Baker, have been together for just under a year. For their newly released video for their single “Feel This Way,” Marika says she just wanted to showcase her friends hanging out. “They came over and we got them really drunk.” A gathering of good people is what this band is all about: The crew that frequently rolls into Tangerine shows, mostly made up of people who have known each other since middle school, is called TanFam.

The band vibes off the hippy hang out at the Oregon Country Fair and tries to bring the down-to-earth feeling of that yearly festival to their music. “We’re happy as fuck,” says Miro, the drummer, which is pretty obvious if you watch the video. “Everything comes from a family vibe.”

The video documents a party in Toby’s backyard: floral headdresses, candlelight, a booze caboose. It’s a party you’re jealous you weren’t invited to. Marika says that when she writes songs she, “wants the melody to get stuck in [her] head.” Mission accomplished. “I’m holding a flame”/I’ll let it burn,” she murmurs against a simmering Seattle sunset on the water, as if to say “welcome to the family.”

Tangerine will release another video and an accompanying A-side B-side digitally this Spring.