Crucifix makes yuletide appearance in a family’s cheesecake

There’s a long, rich tradition of religious iconography allegedly appearing in food. Jesus has apparently made cameo appearances on a piece of toast, a Cheeto and a tortilla. Apparently, the son of God is way into carbs.

Religious iconography is now making the successful transition to dairy products as evidenced by the crucifix that appeared in an Arizona family’s cheesecake. reports:

A Scottsdale family on Wednesday said their cheesecake is a Christmas miracle.

When they pulled the dessert out of the oven, it cracked as it cooled. According to the family, the cake crack resembles a crucifix.

Family members say they won’t be eating the cheesecake. Instead they plan on selling it and donating the money to a local charity or church.

Not to disparage anyone’s religious beliefs, but it might be time for this family to ask itself what kind of benevolent and loving God would come between them and a delicious cheesecake. Also, they seem to be swayed over what appears to be just two perpendicular cracks. If a religious figure wants to show up on a dry piece of toast, that’s one thing, but if I’m going to part with an entire cheesecake without so much as a bite, I’m gonna need to see a rendering of at least five of the Stations of the Cross.