Target customer service allegedly kept a woman on hold for six hours

This week, an Arizona woman literally spent 25% of her day on hold with Target customer service to track the whereabouts of her boyfriend’s Christmas present.

Earlier this month, Katie Johnson purchased an iPod Nano from Target’s website, which confirmed a delivery date window for her beau’s gift. The Apple product was slated to arrive just in time to lay underneath the tree. After a quick investigation with UPS, Johnson discovered the parcel was in fact delivered to her address but unfortunately taken from her doorstep by another party.

UPS told Johnson that the ball is now back in Target’s court to file an insurance claim with UPS and replace the stolen package for its customer.

So Johnson called Target to make them aware of the situation. Realizing that she’s dialing the big box retailer at the height of the shopping season and well aware of the recent credit card hacking, Johnson prepared herself for a lengthy call. But, after 60 minutes on hold, she began to lose her patience.

As documented on the screenshot of her cell phone above (courtesy KTVK-TV), Johnson spent close to six hours on hold with Target. She said she has attempted to contact the company through tweets, emails and several phone calls but has not received a response from a human being–only an email response–which suggests she remain patient and “please wait a few more days” to check her porch for the missing package.

“It disappoints me because Target is one of my favorite stores and it makes me not want to shop there now because of this situation,” Johnson said. “I even went into a Target store … They gave me the same number I was on hold with forever and I was, like, not doing that again.”

Target has not issued a public statement in response to the incident.

source/image: 3TV