Virginia gun owners upset to find that Toby Keith won’t let firearms into his bar

Toby Keith, whom I understand is some kind of country music singer, has upset some gun owners in Virginia by politely requesting that they not bring guns into his recently opened restaurant, the “I Love This Bar & Grill.”

“While we understand and respect every person’s right to own and bear arms, we at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill, with guidance from the State of Virginia and based on insurance regulations, have adopted a no weapons policy. It is our desire to provided a safe, enjoyable and entertaining experience for our patrons and staff.”

Now, I’m a wacky liberal who believes in weird things like background checks and at least some semblance of gun control. However, I don’t see actually see how asking people not to bring guns into your bar makes anti gun anymore than asking people to take their shoes off in your home makes you anti-footwear. However, while many people on the restaurant’s Facebook page supported Keith’s right to decide he didn’t want guns in his bar, many others were furious and also pretty sure that they cannot possibly eat a hamburger without having a gun on their person.

“In Tennessee, we have had zero cases of shootings in restaurants which allow legal gun carry. Your property, your right….legal gun owners are not going to spend the money, training, or time it takes to obtain a permit just to “show off their gun” and loose their permit rights. Wake up sheeple.”

Technically this is not true. Country music singer Wayne Mills was actually shot and killed in a Nashville bar about a month ago. Then again, what can you expect from someone who says “sheeple.”

“While I respect Toby Keith’s right to deny law abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves against violent criminals, I choose to exercise my right to boycott his establishment since a criminal will simply disregard the sign and prey on helpless patrons.”

“Did you know that Costco has a “no guns allowed” policy. I was refused entrance to the Costco here when, while reaching for my billfold to get my Costco ID the gal checing [sic] ID’s caught a glimpse of mt[sic] pistol. She refused my entrance, called for a manager, the assistant manager told me he wasn’t sure if I was a mass murderer or not nad[sic] the he did not have te[sic] explain Costco’s anti gun policy to me. I will never shop Costco again.”

“I’ll carry in there because its my right. But don’t worry because when the bad guys come to rob the joint I promise I won’t use my gun when your[sic] getting beat down.”

“Thank you for your stance and making it public as i will not be wasting my time nor my money at any of your Bar & Grills. I also will not be wasting any of my hard earned money on any of Toby Keith’s adventures of business or his music.”

Adventures of business? Is that a thing or does he mean business ventures? I am not sure.

I know a lot of people who are pro-gun that are not necessarily pro-drunk people with guns. Unsurprisingly, most of them are people who actually work at bars.

I’ve seen a few bar fights in my life and I don’t think I’ve ever thought to myself “Gee, it’s too bad that dude screaming at the bartender for refusing to continue serving him because he’s too drunk doesn’t have a gun!” While many angry gun owners stated that it was illegal anyway to drink while concealed carrying, I can’t say that I trust them. Sure, some may abide by the law, but I’m sure others don’t, and it’s those people I’d be more scared of.

h/t ThinkProgress