Here’s Stephen Colbert’s small cameo in the newest ‘Hobbit’ film

If you didn’t already know, Stephen Colbert is a huge Tolkien fan, so much so that he can even read some Elvish. So of course he has a small cameo in the latest Peter Jackson film, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

It’s a very quick cameo — if you blink you’ll miss it — but thankfully it’s been made into an easily digestible GIF. Here’s Stephen Colbert as eyepatch-wearing “Lake-town Spy Stephen Colbert”:



According to the Reddit user who found the cameo:

Okay, it’s right as the dwarves are sneaking into Laketown. Bard’s son stops them and says that there are spys watching the house. Shortly after it shows Bard and his Son walking alone and the camera pans to the right and shows Stephen looking at them and he turns his head and his eyepatch falls down.

It’s rumored that Colbert will be appearing in the third Hobbit film, so we all have that to look forward to gifing.

Now let there be no doubt that “The Hobbit” is a patriotic film.

h/t Geeky Tyrant, Image: LOTR Wikia