Members of Lotus Plaza, Black Lips, and more curate found sound podcast ‘Roam’

If you’re into weird found sounds, field recordings, samples, and noise, then “Roam” might just be for you. Created by CoCo Art and self-described as an “Audiophile endorsed podcast series focusing on found sound collages,” the fifth and latest installment of “Roam,” entitled “Roam 4 the Holidaze 5,” features contributions from a number of indie celebs, including Lotus Plaza/Deerhunter guitarist Locket Pundt, Black Lips’ Cole Alexander, The Faint’s Todd Fink, and many more (see the full list below).

There’s a massive variety of sounds included. Currently I’m listening to a looped scream increase in pitch over and over, only to fade into ambience and sound effects reminiscent of Panda Bear’s sampling stylings. Some parts are soothing, others are disquieting, and others just bizarre, like a whispered story about eating a pot brownie on Christmas Eve.

It might not make it onto your party playlist (though maybe a spooky one), but it certainly makes for an intriguing fifty minutes of listening. I’d definitely recommend it for fans of The Conet Project, The Books, The Avalanches, or The Caretaker. Hell, as weird as it is, I have to say: I feel strangely at peace listening to it.

Stream “Roam 4 the Holidaze 5” below and check out the list of contributors too. Listen to more “Roam” here.

Cole Alexander
Brandon Betts
Devin Brown
Mason Brown
Frank Broyles
Adam Bruneau
Ian Cone
Nik Fackler
Todd Fink
Dereck Higgins
Jack Hines
Heather Kemp
Zopi Kristjanson
Ingrid Magnuson
David Matysiak
Colin Mee
Andrew Nicholson
Jordan Noel
Lockett Pundt
Katie & Wayne Robertson
Zumi Rosow
Cyrus Shamir
Everett Steele
Thomas Stuart
Dana Swanson
Chelsea Weyler

[h/t: Pitchfork | Image: CoCo Art]