Is this the most awkward and uncomfortable campaign video ever or what?

Rodney Lee Conover is running for Congress in California’s 8th district. Also, he owns an old car. And a dog.

Sure, at first you’re like, “Whatever, awkward low budget commercial that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. NO BIG.” But then, then he comes out with the “I’d never do that to you.”- close-up, and suddenly you are whisked away to a Lifetime movie and you know Rodney Lee is definitely going to be trying to kill either you or Kellie Martin in the next act.

Not to mention the whole dog thing at the end that just goes on for far too long. Far, far too long. Uncomfortably long. Possibly for days.

Although you’d figure from the ad that he was running as a Democrat, given his exceedingly long analogy about how Republicans are all old like his car, according to his website, Rodney Lee is running as a Republican. According to his Twitter, he is very fond of Dentyne Ice gum.