Morrissey is writing a novel, unfortunately

In a recent fan Q+A, Hanna from Germany asked: “You are one of the few personalities in modern times who have really influenced my thinking about art and life. Have you ever thought about writing a novel?” Naturally, Morrissey came through:

In 2013 I published my Autobiography and it has been more successful than any record I have ever released, so, yes, I am mid-way through my novel. I have my hopes. The actuality is that radio stations will not play my music, and the majority of people have lost faith in the music industry, and it’s generally assumed – quite rightly – that the number one chart positions are “bought” by the major labels, so there really is no passion left in pop or rock music, and I don’t think people believe for an instant that the faces we constantly see on television and in magazines are remotely popular. It’s all, now, solely a question of marketing. All success stories are safe and dreary, and you will never be taken by surprise by a hit song that sounds out of place. This is not just my view but the view of everyone I know.

Admittedly, he could’ve left out all but the first two sentences, but he wouldn’t be Morrissey if he had. Elsewhere in the Q+A he also mentions that he is about to record a new album. Morrissey is a bit of a controversial figure around these parts. Some hate him. Others don’t. I’m kinda neutral, leaning towards not liking him very much. I mean sure, he’s a pretty good musician, but he’s kind of an insufferable douche sometimes too.

But I love a good novel as much as anyone else, and apparently Morrissey’s recent autobiography, “This Charming Man” “Autobiography,” is quite good, not that I’ve read it. What will the novel be about? Maybe a young man, presumably named Steve Boris, walks around London ranting at people wearing fur coats or eating hotdogs. Maybe Boris delivers long Randian speeches on the inferiority of Chinese people and dance music. Maybe Boris is just an old, washed-up musician who can’t write a song anymore but misses the limelight so much that he’s always acting out to stay in the tabloids. The truth is, we just don’t know yet and we’ll have to wait and see.

[h/t: NME | Image: The Four Oh Five]