New Snoop Lion video is full of retro gaming goodness

Major Lazer produced the track “Get Away” for Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Lion persona, which is like Snoop Dogg but reggae instead of rap and not really similar at all. But what better way to celebrate the track than a 16-bit tribute to…Pokemon and video games?

Major Lazer and Snoop battle each other in “Pokemon Red/Yellow/Green Version” (get it?) and then team up in a side-scrolling sequence where they shoot lasers (lazers?) at a boombox for a while.

If this is your first time hearing Snoop Lion, you might be a bit disappointed. Frankly, it’s a little generic and repetitive. “Got to get away, got to get away, to a place I love.” That’s basically the gist of the song. The production is mildly interesting, and fans of Lazer won’t be disappointed.

The video’s worth a watch if you’re into Snoop or Pokemon, or both. Snoop Lion’s album “Reincarnated” is out now—grab it over at Snoop’s site. And if you just want to watch more video game stuff, go watch the Awesome Games Done Quick video game speed running marathon over at

Oh and if you hate it, don’t worry. Snoop’s already moving on from Snoop Lion, he’s Snoopzilla now and he does funk.

[h/t: The Verge]