The good, the bad, and the ugly of the new ‘Her’ clothing line

Opening Ceremony has partnered with “Her,” Spike Jonze’s latest film, for a clothing line modeled after the styles we saw onscreen in Jonze’s near-future world. The costumes were engineered to present a future that was basic and believable, while also oddly different from our current styles. The Uniqlo-esque style vocabulary emphasizes bright, solid colors, basic patterns, and sleek fashion erring on the side of formal. The complete absence of denim was key — jeans are replaced with the much talked about high-waisted trousers that Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) wears every day.

Now you too can feel like you’re in the world of “Her,” braced to find love with a computer at any moment. Beware: the cheapest item in the collection is $100. And while every item claims to be “unisex,” it’s pretty clear this is a men’s clothing line.

Most recognizable from the film are the infamous high-waisted trousers and the button up shirt with a shortened collar. An infallible combination if you want to dress like Theodore.

Her pantsHer shirt


There are a couple strange choices in the collection. There’s a zippered, v-necked cardigan that doesn’t look like anything from the film — and is a little too dowdy for Theodore, or for anyone to be honest.

Her cardigan

There are also the hideous, color-block sweatshirts and sweatpants. They seem totally out of place for this film, in a world where people look put-together at all times. This is more like something you would find at Gap Kids.

Her sweatpants

Most out of place are the graphic t-shirts, which don’t make sense at all since the wardrobe of the film was markedly free of any clothing with graphics: just patterns and solid colors.

Her tee

Notable are the tall pockets that are the perfect size for the portable operating system Theodore carries around (Samantha — voiced by Scarlett Johannson). Some of the pictures even have the safety pin that Theodore uses in the film to prop Samantha up in his pocket. I doubt the shirts come with the actual safety pin: you’ll have to add your own depending on how delusional you are committed you are to becoming Theodore.

What’s missing? Women’s styles. Although a little less trademarked, the women’s costumes in the film were quite lovely. I’d like to see Olivia Wilde’s flowery dress or one of Amy Adams’s cute blouses for sale.