Scientists confirm there are no time travelers on Twitter

Scientists at Michigan Technological University came up with  a theory while playing a game of poker: that if someone were to have traveled back in time from the future, they might slip up and share something on social media before it actually happens. Because at this point we’re all basically dumb monkeys who can’t go through a whole day without sharing every insignificant detail about our dumb monkey lives. It’s a sound theory.

Physics professor Robert Nemiroff and graduate student Teresa Wilson conducted the tongue-in-cheek study by searching through Twitter to see if anyone mentioned two terms they thought might have long-term importance between January 2006 and September 2013. The two terms regarded Comet ISON (which wasn’t spotted until 2012), and Pope Francis (who didn’t confirm his papal name until 2013).

Their results? Unfortunately, there are no time travelers on Twitter. And if there are, they’re at least savvy enough to not accidentally share historical events before they happen or accidentally key us in to hip new musical trends like rock ‘n’ roll.

h/t CNN