Corey Hart returns with Russianized EDM version of ‘Sunglasses at Night’

It’s been over two decades since Corey Hart’s pre-viral hit “Sunglasses At Night” swept mainstream radio, turning then 20-year-old Hart into an international star, practically overnight.

As those twenty years passed, just as many singers and entertainers approached Corey asking for permission to include portions of the smash in remixes and hip hop choruses, etc, but Corey maintained that its original form was its best form. Only in 2013 did he forge a relationship with EDM producers Papercha$er, a union he deemed worthy of collaboration over a modernized version of his career-making debut single. We spoke with Corey about his tribute to Russia in the revisited classic, his views on Russian politics, and his future in EDM.

What is it about Russia specifically that compelled you to add Russian language to “Night Visions,” and reference St. Petersburg?
Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve been fascinated with everything Russian. Be it food, music, history, art, literature… ah and of course their beautiful women. It´s hard to pinpoint reasons why (my paternal grandfather was born in the Ukraine), but my first tangible introduction to the Soviet Union was during the famous Canada vs CCCP Hockey tournament in 1972. I was only ten years old. Naturally, I was rooting for my home country (we won!), but I remember feeling out of sync with everyone around because I didn’t view the Russian hockey players or their countrymen as the “evil enemy.”

Through the Cold War this was the pervasive political propaganda propagated in the West. We were almost all conditioned by media and governments in power to perceive them as such. I always regretted not including a Russian motif in the original “Sunglasses At Night” lyric because geographically it truly is one of the few places on earth where the sun shines brightly at 3AM, thus obliging you to “wear your sunglasses at night.” This phenomenon is called “white nights.” St. Petersburg is a city which revels each Summer in these natural climatic wonders.

When you were adding the Russian element to the track, was there any hesitation on your end regarding Russia’s contentious politics as of late?
That´s a very astute question. There was never any hesitation on my part, although it´s important to remember two or three sides to a complex story are always at play. I´m a creative artist who supports freedom of expression, whereby every individual is granted his inalienable divine right to equality regardless of religion, colour, or creed. Personally speaking, this philosophy also extends to the LGBT community.

However, within the framework of “freedom” there are universal legalities and due democratic processes which must be adhered to and respected. In Russia, recent events such as the Pussy Riot case, and Putin´s anti-gay propaganda laws, would require a deeper analysis or clarification to properly express my views. I don´t believe our interview is the appropriate forum for such an exchange. But worth keeping in mind, I also spoke two Russian words on our “Night Visions” track: “freedom” and “hope.”

“Night Visions” was recently remixed as well, what do you think the remix has achieved that the original didn’t?
Truthfully, I´m not the right dude to ask about remixes on an EDM track, a genre I barely understand as it is. Papercha$er know what their audience wants to hear in the clubs and beyond. The closest I ever got to a “club” in my life was with soda!

Do you plan to continue your foray into EDM in the future or will this be an isolated project?
Hmmm, I’ll probably stop while I´m ahead. Although, given the Russian theme of our Q&A, I just got a flash- there´s a song called “Komrade Kiev” on my “Boy In The Box” LP from 1985 which I can hear blown-up big in the EDM style.