Cormac McCarthy’s ex arrested after pulling a gun from her vagina following argument about aliens

Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife, Jennifer McCarthy, was arrested on Saturday morning after pulling a gun out of her vagina and pointing it at her boyfriend, following a heated argument about space aliens. So really, just a typical Saturday in New Mexico.

McCarthy, a 48-year-old artist, was arguing about aliens with her current 53-year-old boyfriend. Following the argument, the boyfriend left the house, returning home to find McCarthy “wearing lingerie” with “a silver handgun in her vagina” and then proceeded to have “inner course” (sic, the police report) with the gun.

McCarthy then reportedly asked her boyfriend, while using the gun as a sex toy, “Who is crazy, you or me?” And then, as if to answer her own question, pulled a silver Smith and Wesson from her vagina and pointed it at his head. The boyfriend grabbed the gun and tossed it into their bathroom’s toilet.

Jennifer McCarthy is the most recent ex wife of author Cormac McCarthy (who wrote “Blood Meridian” and “No Country For Old Men,” among many other modern classics). They divorced in 2006.

h/t The Smoking Gun