Cops rescue drunk woman stuck in treehouse

It could have been any of us, really, but on Sunday morning a 21-year-old woman called 911 emergency services to help her out of a tree house in Cohoctah Township, Michigan.

The Livingston Daily reported on Wednesday that police found the woman unconscious and laying on the floor in what was actually was not a tree house but a hunting blind, which is best described as a jerk shack for gun nuts in the wilderness.

The woman had no idea of her location, so emergency services had to use GPS monitoring to pick up the signal on her cellphone.

Officers found the 21-year-old woman around 4am laying on the floor of the hunting blind that was 25 feet high and somewhere east of the Shiawassee River in her bedroom community. The reason for climbing so high at this hour? She told police that she and her friend got into an argument when the bar was shutting down.

Deputies took their sweet time carrying the woman down by descending step-by-step with her leaning against them. She blew a blood-alcohol content level of 0.17 and was wearing stretch pants, boots and a jacket in 15-degree weather–no gloves or hat. Considering the weather in the Midwest has reached temperatures in which one’s piss turns to vapor, maybe it wasn’t the worst idea for police to have transported the drunkard to a nearby medical center for evaluation.

source: Livingston Daily/image via