This video of a talking squirrel might help you forget that Susan never really loved you

You may have spent the last year finalizing your divorce and sitting on an air mattress in your new studio apartment surrounded by a few soggy boxes of what’s left of your possessions after the lawyers descended like vultures, wondering how it all went wrong so fast, even though you know deep down that the entire decade you spent with Susan was built on a foundation of lies, and that she never really loved you in the first place, but was only rushing to get married because she started feeling pressured after attending a few of her best friends’ weddings, but that’s okay, here’s a cute viral video of a talking squirrel, and look, there’s a link below the video where you can buy T-shirts with cartoon drawings of Ramon the Squirrel, maybe you can get one if you can convince the bank to raise your credit limit, and then the bartender across the street will think it’s funny and you could ask her out to get coffee sometime, because you are single now after all, and still look kind of young, right?

Check out the hilarious video below!

H/t Happy Place, Image: OSU