It just wouldn’t be MLK Day without some dumb frat having a dumb racist party!

A fraternity at Arizona State University has been suspended over a festively racist “MLK Black Party” in which they dressed up in clothes they imagined some black people might wear and drank out of tiny watermelons. In what can only be described as a great step forward in festively racist frat parties, they did not don blackface. They did, however, post photos on Instagram, which I’m sure will be great for all their careers down the road:




My question is this: Aside from being racist, just how stupid are these people? Do they not read the news? Are they not aware that many, many, other fraternities have pulled this before and that it has not gone over well? Do they think to themselves “Ah yes, our dumb racist theme party will be the exception to this rule!” What, exactly, is going on with their brains? Do they even have any?

Not only that, but is this the only theme party these people can ever come up with? I’ve managed to have many theme parties in my day, none of which involved racism as a theme. I’ve had “Twin Peaks” theme parties, “Algonquin Round Table” theme parties, “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” theme parties. All of which were awesome, even though only like 5 people dressed up for the Algonquin Round Table one and I had to spend a lot of time explaining. There are so many possible theme parties to have, that it seems a little sad that they keep coming up with this one and thinking it’s clever. How is this possible?