The Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan rock opera is headed to Hollywood

Almost 20 years after the weird public soap opera that was the Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping, the rock opera it inspired is headed to Hollywood, for two live performances. The obvious question is, “Why?!

If you weren’t alive in the ’90s or somehow don’t remember the whole kerfuffle, here’s the back story in video, straight from the “ABC News Vault,” which we suppose is kind of like the “Disney Vault” but with shaky videos of tragedies instead of seized copies of “Songs of the South” and Walt Disney’s frozen head.

Author Elizabeth Searle wrote a libretto about the 1994 scandal, after which her niece, Abigail Al-Doory, wrote the music as a one-act chamber opera, which was performed in 2006 in Massachusetts. In 2008, Don Horn of Triangle Productions adapted a version of it called “Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera” and staged it in Portland.

After a string of performances in Minneapolis and Boston, it’s now headed to Hollywood, for two shows at the King King Club in February. It seems like only a matter of time before it’s made into an overwrought movie, adding to the pile of them.

Here’s a video of the musical in 2011, a performance of the song “I Want To Die”:

It’s also worth mentioning that Tonya Harding’s outdated website’s URL is currently for sale for $3,500. According to the banner currently posted at the top of the site, this includes “everything.” This means images, pages and pages of creepy comments from male fans, and this bizarre “thank you” video from Harding herself.


If you’re wondering how she’s doing, according to the website, “Tonya spends much of her time alone. She says it works out best that way.” Bleak.

H/t The Oregonian