Trent Reznor sends the ultimate Grammy tweet

A year ago Trent Rezor was picking up a Grammy for Best Score Soundtrack for “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” along with Atticus Ross. This year, Reznor performed “Copy of A” from NIN’s latest album “Hesitation Marks” alongside Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsay Buckingham, and got cut short by an advertisement.  He responded in the best way possible in the fashion of an artist who isn’t in it for the awards:

Trent feeling that the Grammys is music’s biggest night to be disrespected is fair enough. I once had a film professor in college who asked of the “Best Picture” nominees, “best to whom?”

At any rate, Reznor also took the opportunity to hype the new Beats Music service he’s an investor in, launching the new NIN EP exclusively over Beats. Take a listen below if you  venture to stray from Spotify.