And the 2016 Republican Presidential frontrunner is…


YEP. Mitt Romney.

According to a recent poll conducted by the Virginia bipartisan groupĀ Purple Strategies, Mitt Romney is actually the frontrunner for the Republican primary nominee, garnering 25% of the participants. Coming in second and third are Rand Paul and Chris Christie, at 18% and 17% respectively. And Jeb Bush at 13%.

The Democratic survey revealed, unsurprisingly, that 68% supported Hillary Clinton, 13% supported Elizabeth Warren, and 6% supported Joe Biden.

I doubt Romney will actually run. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in it, anyway and has repeatedly shot down any suggestions that he should. Although pretty much everyone pretends they are not trying to run for President until they officially are trying to run for President.

From what I can tell from hatereading FreeRepublic, The Blaze, and other right-wing sites, the problem many Republicans saw with Mitt Romney is that he wasn’t far enough to the right and was too much of a “RINO.” They want a “real” Republican. They want a Ted Cruz, a Steve King, a Louis Gohmert, a Marco Rubio, a Sarah Palin, a Rand Paul or a Mike Lee. They want a purist, and they believe that a purist has a better chance of winning than someone who seems moderate might. Which goes against the grand political tradition on both sides of attempting to run your least offensive candidate.

They might have to. There aren’t too many “Moderate” Republicans left. Many, like Olympia Snowe and Charlie Crist, have even retired or left the party altogether rather than deal with the Tea Party people. Chris Christie was considered the frontrunner for a long time, but the base has hated him ever since he maybe sorta hugged Obama that one time, and everyone else was kinda put off by the whole Bridge debacle. Jeb Bush’s name gets floated out pretty often, but even his mom is like “PLEASE GOD NO, you don’t need any more of us!”

In the poll, Rand Paul comes in second. But while many moderates and people on the Left may agree with his stance on the War on Drugs, pretty much all of his other positions are extremely far to the right, and he’s pretty scary as far as women’s rights or the poor are concerned.

However. I think that Republicans should run someone that appeals to their base, if that’s what so many of them truly believe went wrong in the last election.

Where we’re at right now, the vast majority of Americans do not identify with either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. I honestly think it’s time now for third party candidates. Have a Tea Party candidate, a moderate Republican, a moderate Democrat and a Progressive candidate and let’s all see how it shakes out.

I happen to hate the two party system, and I think a lot of other people are sick of it as well. Perhaps if we have people in the running who aren’t pussy-footing around, we’ll actually get to having some interesting debates rather than a stupid “who is the least offensive here” contest.