There’s now a blog with Valentine’s Day cards based on PornHub comments

There’s a new blog that is creating Valentine’s Day cards that incorporate the horrifying comments left on PornHub pornos, under the obvious title, “PornHub Comments On Valentines.” You know, in case there’s someone really special in your life who you want to tell “its bonner time,” so that they can immediately file for a divorce and restraining order.

The blog is run by comedian Jason Mustian, who you might remember also brought the world PornHub Comments On Stock Photos. They’re all pretty disgusting, not so much for the extremely lewd sexual content, but for the atrocious spelling and grammar. Marquis de Sade would shudder in revulsion at the flagrant errors.

If you’re curious, each entry also features a link to the source material, which is NSFW, “obviously.”

Source: PornHub Comments On Valentines