This surreal short film pretty much sums up Generation Y

“Well, I’m not really looking for a job. I’m okay with the social welfare I get,” says a male character in Saso Sedlacek’s “Jobless Avatars (The Real Curriculum),” a short film he created at Berlin’s “Afterglow” Art Hack Day. That is just a slice of what viewers get in Sedlacek’s incredibly surreal and slightly creepy short film. Like something one might see on Adult Swim in the wee hours of the morning.

“Avatars, just like people, get jobless, too,” said Sedlacek about the film. “Many of these speaking characters, virtual representatives, and our alter egos are patiently waiting for someone to employ them, waiting until they either get a job or get outdated and trashed.”

Sedlacek created the film by taking a few text-to-speech avatars and used them to “tell the truth behind searching for a job” and behind the job applications. “What do we do when applying for a job? We tell little lies about ourselves to fit in to the high requirements of the applications,” he writes. “We usually say all the best we can think about ourselves to get it. Our job applications are a sort of lying interfaces.”

The hacker artist said that virtual identities provide us with the safety to tell lies, but also the truth. And the film’s avatars tell it all. “They are telling the real curriculums,” he said. “Admitting that we are also lazy, not cooperative, inpatient, intolerant, have mental, alcoholic and drug problems, are badly educated and that we hate authorities.”

“People are just like technology replaceable,” Sedlacek concluded. “People get replaced with youngsters and technology gets replaced with a new versions and new technological paradigms.”

But, unlike legacy systems (old tech), which are non-sentient when junked, human beings are all too aware when they’ve been made redundant or replaced with a cheaper college graduate. While an old computer has no thoughts, a human being put out to pasture is liable to flip, especially in this dog-eat-dog global economic system. That said, it’s still an interesting parallel to consider.