Brooklyn restaurant offering a Beyonce-themed menu for Valentine’s Day

If you like Beyonce, pasta, and puns, there’s a restaurant in Brooklyn (of course) that’s offering an entirely Beyonce-themed menu this Valentine’s Day. According to them, “We woke up in the kitchen sayin’ how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby.” The only bad news is that the dinner is all booked up.


As you can see on the menu above, dishes include the Jay-Ziti ($19), I Am Pasta Fierce ($24), and Breastiny’s Child ($29). So romantic.

This is the same restaurant that also offers a lasagna drop-off service, where you can drop a pan off and they’ll fill it with lasagna. This service also includes an option to buy 40 meatballs in bulk. Get out of my head.

H/t Daily News, Image: Flavorwire