Someone peed on the Alamo again

Nearly 32 years ago, Ozzy Osbourne took a whiz on the Alamo, and, for that, he was banned from the city of San Antonio for nearly a decade. But the tradition must continue, as a 23-year-old allegedly broke the seal against the age-old fort and is now facing a felony charge.

Reuters reports that Daniel Athens of El Paso, Texas, is looking at a charge of “Criminal Mischief of a Public Monument or Place of Human Burial” which could mean 18 months in jail for something he did back in the spring of 2012. (An Alamo ranger witnessed the pissing in action and gave testimony.)

“The message is, ‘don’t whiz on the Alamo,'” said Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

The suspect pleaded guilty in court this week and has fingers crossed for a plea deal, because you know what they do to Alamo pissers in the can, son? Athens’s attorney is trying to work out a deal where the urinator pays $4,000 in damages rather than a stint in the slammer.

This wouldn’t be an awful situation, considering that Ozzy had to pay $10,000 in damages–and that offense was back in 1982.

Texas Monthly has provided the annals of pissing on the Alamo for your reading enjoyment here.

h/t @Poritsky/photo: Texas Monthly